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SATORI is a step by step process that helps you shift your current perception easily and effortlessly. Why is that important? Because most often we, all of us including me, makeup, or interpret what’s happening to us lightning fast and believe that our interpretation is the right answer. No one else’s point of view is given any credence or validity.

We get stuck like glue and refuse to see any other options. This ridge belief that “my answer is the right one’ harms our businesses, health, all our relationships, family and friends. SATORI helps you make the shift- Literally, to shift your perception to recognize other points of view.

SATORI is about identifying the way you behave at any given time during any interaction you’re having. You can call this – a feeling-a behavior- an emotion- a reaction- anything for now- What’s important is to notice that you’re operating in a particular way because of the specific filter, I call it a lens- or a pair of glasses- that you’re currently looking though. This is not about right and wrong or good vs bad- simply the point of SATORI is to notice which color lens, metaphorically speaking -you might be wearing – and then consciously choose to look through a different lens, actually put on another pair of glasses that then allows for or helps make the difference you’re trying to make. Think of it this way, SATORI helps create the outcome you’re looking for and gives you that fresh perspective you didn’t even know was available to you as a possibility.