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What allows for one to rise to the top is a passion and drive for excellence. A good consultant should be knowledgeable about the subject he or she is consulting in. That makes all the difference.

With Sharon Kay Coaching you can be certain she’s the one to count on. With 20 years’ experience as the owner of 3 successful businesses she understands what it takes to make teams thrive, production move into over drive and everyone on board with the program and mission.

You are The Key

Your most important asset in business is you and there’s a direct correlation between your business growth and your personal growth. So the question needs to be asked…Who do you go to for advice on decisions about hiring (or firing)? Do you have a trusted advisor or mentor? Where do you turn when sales are falling and your competition is grabbing your market share? Maybe you’re in serious growth mode and need to filter the right people onto the team and get the wrong people off.


Do any of these scenarios sound familiar? If you said, “Yeah, that kind of sounds like me,” Sharon Kay Consulting is right for you.

By providing you a solid foundation to build on with our Signature process, SATORI, your one on one coaching sessions and team sessions are specifically tailored to your precise needs and outcomes. As your accountability partner, Sharon Kay is committed to holding you to the highest standards needed to create exactly what you’re looking for in your business.


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COST- Determined during the consulting process.