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Business Relationship Course

The Sharon Kay One-on-One Business Relationship Coaching Program is designed to create a significant surge forward in the results you already appreciate and love in your personal life.

By revealing to you the areas in your life where you’re taking the least amount of action thereby falling into the pit of hidden, outdated beliefs and patterns that don’t serve you anymore; this program explodes your level of awareness allowing you to enjoy greater happiness, passion, and contentment in all you do. Why? Because you’ll be living a life of freedom you created by your own hand.


By providing you a solid foundation to build on with our Signature process, SATORI you’ll establish specific goals and apply proven action plans that are continually measured by Sharon Kay. You’ll have ongoing communication with her through emails and personal phone calls. Your one on one coaching sessions are specifically tailored to your precise needs and outcomes.  As your accountability partner, Sharon Kay is committed to holding you to the highest standards needed to create freedom in your life now.

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  90 Day Freedom in Life Coaching Program includes:

  • Personal Coaching with Sharon Kay
  • One 60-minute coaching call per week by phone, skype, FB, or face to face if you live in Las Vegas
  • Group Coaching call held once a week where you can attend live or hear at the convince of your schedule
  • Weekly tips and experiential exercises that will immediately impact your life.
  • Sharon-my Wisdom Newsletter delivered to your in-box, once every two weeks
  • An exit strategy session to access your progress, momentum and find out what you’d like to work on next

PRICE- $3500.00