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Sharon Kay My Story

My career began in Los Angeles in 1988, where I started my first company, a dating service. After success in LA, I opened up another dating service and Community Yellow Pages in Atlanta Georgia. Because of the depth of knowledge and learning I went through, both, good and bad, I demonstrate a strong commitment to integrity, quality, service excellence, business results and remarkable leadership. Take a brief journey with me as I share a little about my experiences and what makes me unique.

Dating Service and Yellow Pages- A Funny Combo


The upscale dating service was outstanding from the start. Different, innovative and successful. Meaning, people were actually meeting and getting into fulfilling relationships. (All this before the internet and dating apps!)

The company grew at a steady pace for several years but I had that itch again. Running a dating service was not stretching me enough and at the time (1992) there was another niche to be filled; small localized yellow page directories. Within a three -year period the yellow pages grew from one directory to operating directories in eight states.  Revenue by the 3rd year was five million.  I loved creating the policies and procedures, outlining how the satellite office would operate, setting up the accounting division and training the sales reps and staff.  I was able to keep costs down and revenue high.

Education and Calling

It was during this time that I discovered how truly passionate I was about training, mentoring and coaching. When I wasn’t working for myself I was assisting at a company called Landmark Education Corporation, a high performance organization committed to global transformation through experiential learning and training programs. My participation took me all over the country. I’d have to say this is where I learned the meat and potatoes of coaching. I made positive and permanent “shifts” in the quality of my life. Landmark, my many coaching and training certifications, my PhD in experiential workshops and my double major from Northern Arizona University in Communication and Theater Arts, are the direct reason for the unique kind of freedom and power that I enjoy today—the freedom to be absolutely at ease no matter what the circumstance; the power to be in action effectively in areas that are important to me and the confidence with which I conduct my life. The journey was honest, exciting, scary and rigorous.

P.T. Barnum

Leading numerous workshops for over 25 years in a variety of areas such as Self- Expression and Leadership, Communication, and Assisting Programs and Introduction Leaders Program, not to mention participating in almost every course offered (yes I’m a bit of a learning nut) and owning 3 successful businesses, provides me the foundation for my coaching practice today.

I told you I have a double major from Northern Arizona University in Communication and Theater Arts.  I’m highly motivated to learn what makes individuals, groups, and company’s click and what grabs and holds someone’s attention and keeps them engaged. P.T. Barnum said a person will spend his last nickel to be entertained or to laugh, I agree! I’ve incorporated a lot of opportunities to laugh in my work; at me, yourself, situations, others (not in a mean way) and I’ve discovered that laughter is the best form of medicine when tackling matters of change, growth and our own human frailties.


I’m an expert at the implementation of new ideas, policies and procedures and growing the internal aspects of a company and most importantly, its people, the heart of it all. Using my Signature Process SATORI™, I can take you, your organization or company in a new direction or increase profits, or build teams, or provide you the space to find a renewed sense of purpose, challenge you with new and exciting possibilities, find peace and contentment and the balance between personal life and business life. With a loving touch or a hard hitting crack between the eyes, I promise you’ll discover what makes you unique as a leader and the confidence to boldly pursue your vision and dreams.  Above all you’ll discover your perfectly okay the way you are and that perception is everything.

“I appreciate the journey in getting here and how it provides me limitless access to giving back the best of what I’ve learned and continue to learn in business and in life.”   Sharon Kay